NicoNote aka Nicoletta Magalotti born in Rimini in 1962 approached the theatre with masters such as Yoshi Oida, Gabriella Bartolomei and Woytek Krukowsky. In the mid-80s, she was the singer of a seminal new wave band Violet Eves playing in Italy, France, Swiss, Austria and Greece ( La Cigale, Printemps de Bourges, Transmusicales, U4, Biennale Mediterraneum). An interesting discography for an amazing artistic career until today. NicoNote is also a DJ and inventor of unconventional spaces and has created, among others, the concept-room called Morphine inside the Cocoricò club, in the 90s with DJ David Love Calò and AD Loris Riccardi. She acted in various plays directed by Romeo Castellucci of Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio with whom she has been playing in many international tours directed also by Patricia Allio, Maurizio Fiume, Francesco Micheli, and others. In 1997, she created the acronym NicoNote, which in 2010 became NicoNote Dream Action, a working group leading projects mostly between France and Italy, supported by La Fonderie – Le Mans where she presented in January 2011 her latest creation: Drinnen – performance suite through Schumann.NicoNote works in different frames of the music world, as well as in art performance, in clubbing and entertainment, also attending important festivals ( MilanOltre, Festival Vie, Armunia, Santarcangelo Festival, TNB Rennes, Actoral Marseilles, Eu Network Wien, Short Theatre Roma ), art galleries and foundations like the Foundation Cartier for Contemporary Art in Paris, where she was invited at Le Soirèe Nomades performing her  Rhapsody (or Alphabet Dream) in June 2010.
Together with music journalist Pierfrancesco Pacoda NicoNote has created an observatory on club culture in Italy entitled “Tender is the Night / Dino D’Arcangelo Award” together with the publication of the book  ‘Tenera è la notte. The Club Culture of Dino D’Arcangelo’ (Interno 4 edizioni). NicoNote is one of the voices of the Donnacirco project. One of her original tracks is inserted in the project Kimera Mendax 2, a double vynil and a graphic novel edited by New Interplanetary Melodies and Kuro Jam Collective. In Italy and abroad, she teaches masterclasses on the use of the voice  together with Monica Benvenuti and has set up a training project on contemporary vocality entitled “Voci Possibili” in collaboration with Tempo Reale, Florence. The latest album was published in 2021, and it is the first episode of musical dialogues established with different artists. This first chapter is entitled Limbo Session Vol 1. NicoNote / Wang inc and is edited by Rizosfera.