14 March 2024 :: London Fold :: Futur.Shock Chapter Four ‘Nekyia’ :: dmstfctn live x Waluigi Purgatory

14 March 2024 :: London Fold :: Futur.Shock Chapter Four ‘Nekyia’ :: dmstfctn live x Waluigi Purgatory

FOLD London Gillian House Stephenson Street London UK E16 4SA March 14th, 2024

London – Fold :: 14.03.2024 / 19:00-01:00 

Our in-house arts programme Futur.Shock LIVE returns on Thursday 14th March with Chapter Four ‘Nekyia’.

Continuing this season’s thought-provoking journey into contemporary society’s collective psyche, ‘Nekyia’ will take us into a series of other-worldly states to further explore this concept. At the heart of all of the performances will be the sense of restoration driving us through the unknown.

This chapter will feature three live performances:

Internationally acclaimed multi-disciplinary artist Haroon Mirza will perform cross-genre works based around ‘near death experience’, in conjunction with his imprint, OUTPUTS, artists Jack Jelfs and Helga Dorothea Fannon.

The evening will present ‘Waluigi’s Purgatory’ by dmstfctn; a journey into a 3D simulated theater, where an AI finds itself in purgatory for cheating. This interactive audio-visual performance will be live sound tracked by Evita Manji (PAN).

Pouya Ehsaei will present a new, live modular set, featuring hypnotic soundscapes intertwined with fractal polymeric rhythms. Whilst weaving the evening together will be BRXN, who will then finish the night with an extended set.

Futur.Shock LIVE ‘Nekyia’ begins at 19:00 on Thursday 14th March.

Early Bird tickets are now available to buy from our website.

WARNING – this performance includes considerable periods which include flashing lights and images, which may not be suitable for those with photosensitive epilepsy and other related conditions.

Featured Artists: 

OUTPUTS: Haroon Mirza, Sarah-Jane Lewis, Jack Jelfs & Helga Dorothea Fannon






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