‘Eve Dönmek İstemiyorum’ Exhibition at Feshane – Zafer Aracagök et alii

‘Eve Dönmek İstemiyorum’ Exhibition at Feshane – Zafer Aracagök et alii

Feshane avedut Cad., Eyüpsultan, İstanbul, Türkiye June 24th, 2023 » September 3rd, 2023

Zafer Aracagök writes, “The opening of the group exhibition (Feshane, Yavedut Cad., Eyüpsultan, İstanbul, Türkiye) based on my first book “I don’t want to go back home” published 30 years ago coincides with both the publication of my latest book “RITIM-H İÇ-HAYAT” ( Non-Rhythm-Life: Notes on Neanderthal Capitalism) and my birthday on the dates of June 22 and June 23. Thank you all so much.”

Eve Dönmek İstemiyorum‘ Exhibition: Based on Zafer Aracagök‘s experimental narrative “I Don’t Want to Go Back Home” (1995), the group exhibition of the same name is opening today at Feshane in Istanbul. Curated by Ahmet Ergenç, the exhibition focuses on critical contemporary issues and positions such as home, nest, identity, abandonment, nomadisation, homelessness, belonging-lessness, crises and liberation.
In his narrative, Aracagök takes the issue of “returning home”, one of the founding themes of literature, as his point of departure and reflects on the meanings of not returning home, travelling, metamorphosis, leaving familiar territories and becoming a “nomad” both physically and intellectually. Returning home is a critical leitmotiv in many narratives. The hero sets out to ‘return home one day’, like Odysseus. But what if the departing hero refuses to return home? What if there is no home to return to? What if what is called home is a fiction to be escaped from? Leaving home means leaving the grand narrative into which one is born (home, history, official ideology, identity, given subject positions, etc.) and involves a rootlessness, a groundlessness, a rootlessness that is also the beginning of ‘modernity’. Language has a special place in this movement towards leaving home: Language is the house of being and the Law, so for a leaving and liberation it is necessary to leave language as we know it, perhaps to start speaking in a ‘barbaric’ language that would distort meaning.

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