Fabio Kubic / Coagulant

Fabio Kubic / Coagulant


Fabio Kubic

Fabio Kubic (b.1972) is an experimental sound composer and graphic artist based in London. He started with environmental soundscapes and psychoacoustic recording experiments in 1995 under the Fk drone moniker, and later as Coagulant. He exclusively uses environmental microphoning recordings as the only source of production of unpredictable sound events. A non-musical exploration of the elements of sound, in the sound of the elements, with the main purpose of developing sculptural aesthetics for the ears. Sound as experience, intended for the natural evocation of the imaginary. He is a collaborator and contributor to the forthcoming album ‘II‘ by Adi Newton‘s experimental electronic group Psychophysicist (Armcomm Europe / new release in 2023).


Coagulant is a conceptual sound art project devised by Fk drone in 1998, and is led by Fabio Kubic. It is connected in many areas related to sound experimentation and its process is in the development of electronic manipulation through microphones, cut-up, environmental soundscape, audio-feedback editing and the structuring of oblique frequencies, which rest on hypnotic drones.